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SEMA Member Summary

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Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (SEIRS)

SEMA has been proactive in the development of standards in Industry for many years. The SEIRS initiative is a continuation of this business ethic to improve safety in an environment where product design, manufacture and installation take place under the influence of increased legislation.

Customer beneficiaries of SEIRS include end-users, inspectors and other officials involved with the installation of all types of storage equipment.

Benefits Include:

  • Installation by professionals
  • A means of verifying qualifications.
  • Adherence to SEMA Guidelines and codes of practice.

The SEIRS initiative is supported by the Health and Safety Executive. This includes the SEIRS Safety Training, which is based on an Installation Guideline developed by SEMA and the SEIRS ID Card and registration system.

The HSE has stated that:

"The Health and Safety Executive welcomes SEIRS and the initiative taken by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) to improve safety standards. It demonstrates that SEMA is committed to raising both standards and awareness of Health and Safety issues associated with Storage Equipment."


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